Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kristin Dimitrova

Kristin Dimitrova was born in 1963 in Sofia. She has a degree in English and American Studies from the University of Sofia. She has published a collection of her translations of John Donne.

In addition to publishing eight books of poetry, Dimitrova has published a novel (Sabazuis), a short story collection (Life and Death under the Crooked Pear Trees), and two screenplays (Billy-goat and Etienne).

Those of you who are particularly quick have already noticed that Dimitrova is the translator of Boiko Lambovski’s “The Clay Man.”

Dimitrova used to be an editor for Art Trud, a weekly “arts and culture” supplement for the Trud Daily. She has also worked as a columnist for Klasa Daily.

According to Marlene Smits, Dimitrova sits timidly and has a girlish habit of moving around in her chair.

Here is an English translation of Dimitrova’s poem “The Strong Skins of Memory.”

Here is a video of Kristin Dimitrova reading/performing (or maybe just speaking):

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  1. Yes, it is hard to figure out what kind of thing she's doing. Those Bulgarians! So ambiguous! But it sounds interesting, poem, speech, rant, anecdote about why she was late, or whatever it is.


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